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Stricklands® Frozen Custard was founded in 1936 by Bill and Florence Strickland. During his years as an Akron Pure Milk employee, Bill developed his own rich recipe of cream, eggs, sugar and other ingredients. With his formula perfected, Bill turned his attention to developing an ice cream machine (called a "batch freezer") that would quickly freeze the ice cream, while limiting the air whipped into the product. The result is Stricklands' award-winning ice cream, frozen custard, yogurt and sorbet. 

Bill and Florence built the first Stricklands Frozen Custard stand on Triplett Avenue in Akron, Ohio, and the Stricklands' legend was born. The original ice cream store is still in operation today (and so are the original batch freezers!), run by the third generation of the Strickland family, and serving the same fantastic ice cream and frozen custard that made Stricklands a local landmark.

In 2002, Strickland’s Marketing Corp. was formed to duplicate the success of the original Stricklands by granting franchises in select markets in the U.S. After reverse-engineering our proprietary ice cream machines to produce the same great taste as the originals, the Stricklands Ice Cream franchise opportunity was launched.  For more information concerning our single-unit and multi-unit franchise opportunities, please review the Franchise Info section.



I started coming to Strickland's in the 60s or early 70s when I was a tire engineer at General Tire.  I had driven by the place everyday for years going to work from Massillon and never knew anything about it.  One day in the early spring, a fellow worker named George Kling said, "Strickland's is open."  That meant nothing to me, so George brought me out here and I had my first taste of Strickland's ice cream and I have been addicted ever since.  Me and my family and the three collies we have had since then.  I have told countless people that Strickland's makes the best frozen custard in the world.

My dad was raised in Akron and went to Strickland’s. After he moved in the 60’s, he brought his family back to Akron on vacation every year. Now I have my own family and have been coming up since 1991. My son now is 24 and loves Stricklands. I tell everyone about it and if they are in Akron you have to stop and have some it’s a must. People around here just don't understand Stricklands is to die for and life just not the same if you don't have it.

We have been coming to Stricklands since I was a small child. I am now 36 years old and live in Richfield and we drive out almost every Sunday night. I have 3 children and we love to come in the truck and sit in the back and watch the people. We always have a bet on what the flavor is and the person who guesses correctly gets to treat!! Keep up the fabulous work and ice cream custard!! THANK YOU!

Cindy - Richfield, Ohio

Charles - Sherwood, Arkansas

Tom - Massillon, Ohio


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Store contact information can be found under the "Locations" page. To contact our corporate office please use the following information.


Mailing Address: PO BOX 1116, Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44223

Phone: (877) 620-4402


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